What is ‘A Caffeinated Life’?

In a world consistently moving at an accelerated – nay, a caffeinated – pace, thrive to live life as though always caffeinated…in the best way possible of course: meaning energized, bold, & ready for anything!

From adventuring and travelling, to exploring different tastes, to having fun with fashion, to embracing what this life has to offer… this is  A CAFFEINATED LIFE.


As you can probably guess… I like to stay caffeinated. Whether it’s tea, coffee, or espresso, you will find me with a cup in hand. Served black, with milk and sugar, poured over ice cream, or with a shot of Baileys stirred in … I’m all over it!

Adventure holds a special place in my heart. To uncover stories waiting to be told is a passion of mine. To explore and to see the world, to learn about different cultures and lifestyles, and to see the beauty both hidden and in plain sight is why I love travelling. To be immersed in a different way of life is a humbling, informative, and intriguing experience. What I’ve learned is that everyone has a story to tell if you’re willing to listen; and some of these tales will be of the most interesting you’ll ever hear. 

I live to get out of my comfort zone, because as the saying goes:

A comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there.


I have one rule and that is: if it isn’t going to hurt you or anyone else, try it – at least once!

Now come explore with me!


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