An Unbalanced Life



Life isn’t always rainbows and butterflies; a lot of it is the nitty gritty grind of work and personal life attempting to intermingle to create this ‘perfect balance’. Well guess what… it is IMPOSSIBLE to perfectly balance work and life all the time.

There are times in your life when you are going to need to put work first – like when you are starting your career or attempting to climb the ladder of success – and vice versa. There are times when you will need to put your personal life above your work life – maybe you are starting a family, or there was a death and you need time to mourn, or maybe you are just in a rut and need some much deserved me [and a bottle of wine] time.


That is what vacation time is for. It is okay to be selfish every once in awhile. It is okay to choose you – in fact, I very much support that! Choose to be yourself and do it damn right amazingly. Be confident in your choices and be brave, because sometimes it definitely isn’t easy muttering that two letter word: no – but you better believe that sometimes it is necessary.

Make choices based on what you need at a given time. If you need to be a workaholic after hours, be a workaholic. If you need to take a night off once your work day is done, do it.

Give 150% to everything you do. When at work, I devote to it all my attention and effort so that when I make plans with a friend outside of the office, I can be both physically AND mentally present, relieving myself of the guilt of putting my work phone aside for a few hours.

I live my life knowing that it is imbalanced at most times. But it is my perfect imperfect – it is my imbalance. I know at times, especially now, I choose to work harder at my career and kick-ass at my job. Sometimes that means putting my personal life aside for a bit and focus all my energy on garnering success around the clock.

Essentially what I am saying is no one’s life is perfect regardless of what you see on social media. Social media is the highlight reel of life and even if you see a blooper shot intermixed in a celeb’s account, it is a carefully selected shot – much alike all blooper reels in movies. They are bloopers that show the sillier BTS facade of ‘reality’, when in truth these ‘real’ shots are screened and used to attempt to authenticate the celebrity.  They characterize them as down-to-earth goofs who live ‘normal lives’, even though it always seems like their hardships are next to nothing and are just funny and cute. They always seem like they have all the time in the world to balance their personal lives with their work, but just like us, they don’t. They can’t. Life is always filled with highs and lows, good days and bad – for everyone.

I perfectly imbalance my life by admitting to myself that on the weekend I need one day without work. Be honest with yourself, know when you are reaching your limits. Know when you must put the Blackberry down (my work phone) and pick up the personal one.

I’ve learnt, fairly recently in fact, that I don’t have all my sh*t together all of the time in every aspect of my life; as much as I like to make it appear like I do, I’ve realized it is okay that I don’t, and that I will be okay – and so will you.

Find your perfect imperfect – find your imbalance.