BUCKET LIST #10: Indoor Skydiving


As I grow older, my bucket list grows longer. As my list grows longer with new challenges I wish to face, I slowly but surely cross off items as well in whirlwinds of exhilarating moments.

On Saturday, August 12, 2017, I checked off #10 on my Bucket List: Indoor Skydiving.

My best girl friend Emily and I ventured to iFly Toronto and flew away in a wind tunnel with instructor Tyler leading the charge.

The feeling of floating is surreal and like no other rush I’ve ever experienced. The way the wind holds your body afloat takes your breath away – literally, it takes a couple of seconds to adjust your breathing when you enter the chamber! Every tiny movement made must be controlled, calculated, and certain.  As beginners, instructor Tyler was always there to ensure our safety, maintaining (as much as possibly) eye contact and signalling with hand gestures the way we should adjust our bodies. One of the pro/ senior instructors, Lorenzo, gave us each the opportunity to fly to the top of the tunnel with him holding onto us. At first, it’s almost frightening (for some, I am POSITIVE it IS frightening) but then it is just invigorating. If you haven’t tried it out, I highly suggest you do!

The team at iFly Toronto is top notch and a ton of fun – you’re in for a laugh and a memory you’ll never forget!



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