De-Stress Your Life: Rage Room Edition


I teamed up with Danielle Olivierre of @itsdanielle_x3 and to bring to you our new YouTube series, De-Stress Your Life! In this series we take you through different ways of coping with stress and embark on the challenge of finding the best ways to de-stress.

In our first episode, we bring you to RAGE ROOM.

Do you ever find yourself feeling overwhelmed, uptight, and angry? Are you craving an outlet where you can release all your pent up emotions? Ever just want to hit a wall or smash something into a million pieces because you’re wound up so tight? Rage Room is the perfect outlet for this.

In Rage Room’s controlled environment you are provided with a safe space where you are able to absolutely obliterate objects. You have the option to bring your own stuff to smash or smash objects provided by Rage Room.

As Danielle and I demonstrate, taking your rage out on inanimate objects provides the perfect adrenaline rush and stress relief when you don’t want to cry or feel sorry for yourself. However, please remember to take the time to unwind and re-center yourself. Like workouts require their cool down, so does this!

Come de-stress with us as we embark on our controlled temper tantrum at Rage Room!


Danielle O. & Kaitlin N.



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