What you’ll need:

  • 2 Bristol boards
  • 6 packs of dollar store feathers
  • 4 feather boas
  • Hot glue gun and a LOT of refill packs
  • X-acto knife
  • Pencil
  • 3 thick barbecue skewers or popsicle sticks cut in half
  • Ribbon
  • A lot of time and patience

How to:

Start by drawing out the shape of your angel wings onto the Bristol board (I drew one, cut it out, and used that outline to trace out the second wing)

Use your x-acto knife or a pair of sharp scissors to cut out your wings

Glue on the feather boas to the top of each side of each wing (covering about 1/4 of the wing with the boa)
Start applying the feathers using a glue gun (this part is tedious as you will need to glue each individual feather in its place, overlapping the feathers as you go)

Once all the feathers have been applied and the glue has dried, line up the wings so you can begin the process of attaching them. Pierce three aligned holes on each of the wings at the base (the part that sits on your back). The top hole will need to sit about 5 inches from the edge and the two bottom holes about 1 inch away from the edge
Use the ribbon to lace through the holes and attach the wings. Use the top holes for your shoulder straps as well (have someone hold up the wings behind you as you figure out the right sizing and measurements for your shoulders). The bottom one should be used for your waist strap to ensure extra stability and the middle one is simply for added support in keeping the wings attached.
Use your thick barbecue skewers (which you’ve cut in half) to keep your wings from folding in and aid in keeping the wings together. Glue them into the middle of your wings on both sides where you’ve attached them and cover with feathers.

And voila, you’ve fashioned yourself your own angel wings!

I paired mine with a sequin romper, sparkly heels, and pearl jewelery!

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