HALLOWEEN: Ouija Board & Angel Makeup Tutorials


Happy Halloween Everyone! 

Slightly regretting not taping the creation of these looks BUT here’s a recap on how to achieve them for yourself and all the products I used. Remember to have fun with it and add your own twists into the mix!

LOOK ONE: Ouija Board

Start with your base makeup

Using dark purples, browns, and black eye shadows, begin layering all over your eyelids (no rhyme or reason really… just layers on layers!) My go to pallets are Urban Decay and PUR.

Using a dark bronze, blend from your crease to your brows, using highlighter along your brow bone

Use black pencil eyeliner to outline your upper waterline, lower waterline, upper lash line and lower lash line

Apply black mascara

Apply lip gloss and using the same dark eye shadow you used on your eyes apply on your lips

Define, contour, and hollow out your cheekbones with bronzer

And now for the most fun part, the BLACK TEARS!!!

Use black liquid liner along your lower lash line (I used my everyday liner: Revlon’s ColorStay Skinny Liquid Liner); don’t worry if it’s a little messy as it will mostly be covered with the actual tears; you will want to make this line thick, covering almost your lower lids completely so that when you apply your tears they don’t come up too close to your actual eyes

Using KISS liquid black lash glue, begin dripping the glue just below your outer v slowly working your way inward, creating tear lines as the globs of glue drip down along your face (move your face accordingly to ensure your tears fall in the desired path)

For the actual Ouija Board, you may need to recruit someone for help (unless you’re really talented at writing backwards… on your chest…. with eye liner… if you can manage that by yourself then wow, I genuinely am super impressed)

On one shoulder draw the sun and on the other the moon

Along your collarbone write OUIJA, on your chest write the alphabet, and under that the numbers

If you can fit it in, GOODBYE should be written under that (I however could not fit this in haha)

Side note (not pictured here): on the palms of my hands I wrote YES on one and NO on the other.


Start with your regular base makeup routine

Use light shimmery gold and bronze eye shadows to create a light and angelic look. I used PUR’s eye shadow pallet ‘Soirée Diaries’.

For your inner crease use lighter tones of gold and as your work your way outward to the outer v of the eye, begin use darker tones

Use eyeliner (I used black but browns or metallic golds would work as well) to create a wing. Your everyday eyeliner would definitely work here; I use Revlon’s ColorStay Skinny Liquid Liner.

Mascara-up your eyelashes; I use Physicians Formula! For added va-va-voom use falsies (I suggest KISS)

Using bronzer, define your cheekbones and apply along the hollows of the cheek. Physicians Formula is my go-to bronzer, all day every day!

Using highlighter, apply along the top of your cheekbones, on the Cupid’s bow, along the brow bone, on the inner corners of the eyes, and a little on the temples. In this look I used MAC’s ‘Soft and Gentle Mineralize SkinFinish’ in ‘BA6’

Using glitter makeup, pack on the gold sparkles applying all along the temples to the cheeks, and a little on your eyes as well to tie it all together

Apply a little more bronzer (or translucent powder) on top of the glitter to lock in place

I used a clear gloss rather than a color for my lips, but feel free to have fun with this (neutrals in my opinion work best but if you want to rock a bold lip, definitely go for it!)

(Note: I’m sorry, but I don’t wear anything on my eyebrows so I don’t have any ‘brows on fleek’ tips for ya!)

For my DIY Angel Wings Tutorial click >>> HERE !!!

My Makeup Faves: MAC Highlighter, Physicians Formula Bronzer, Revlon ColorStay Skinny Liquid Liner, Physicians Formula Mascara, and PUR Soirée Diaries Eye Shadow


Have a happy and safe Halloween!