Rock The [Airport] Runway


TRAVEL GUIDE: What to bring and what to wear to the airport! 

From the city street to the sandy beach to the mountainous trails or to the snowy alps, we dream of the beauty awaiting us the moment we depart our daily lives and escape to our vacation paradise. As we sit at our desks and count down the hours to a planned trip, we wait and we wait and we wait for the moment we are able to begin our adventure. We dream of stepping off the plane and into paradise… but alas… when we dream of the beautiful occurrence of our feet meeting new soil or returning to land we’ve so deeply missed, do we dream of…

…what shoes adorn our feet…

                                  …what clothes drape our bodies…

what purse or backpack is crammed under the seat or in the overhead…?

Probably not… and realistically… that’s okay. BUT we really should be planning our airport attire and carry on baggage more carefully because dressing for the airport can be tricky especially when you’re boarding a plane in a climate that will be drastically different than the climate you will be escaping into.  

There is an art to planning the perfect plane outfit and packing your carry on bag. Here are my go-to tips on how to ROCK THE AIRPORT RUNWAY:

LAYERS!!! Airports tend to be cooler rather than warmer so when it comes to flying I am all about layering so I can adjust accordingly. My key carry on item is always a cozy blanket scarf as it is easy to wrap around myself when I’m cold, or tuck away in my carry on if it’ too hot. My favourite scarf to travel with is from the coziest wrap from MerSea & Co thanks to my Fab Fit Fun box. Make sure to wear a sweater for added warmth even if you’re going somewhere hot as you can always take it off upon arrival. I love big cozy open-front sweaters or knits as they are easy to remove in the confines of your seat (although admittedly, I adore my Adidas hoodie and am guilty of rocking this regardless of the hassle of taking it off and on).

Air on the side of comfort. Rather than choosing high waist jeans that will cut into your waist and leave you feeling suffocated after one bite of plane food, or low waist jeans that will keep you hiking them up every five seconds, opt for either a mid waist, boyfriend, or mom style jean that is not too tight and will sit comfortably on your abdominal muscles. My go-to jean is anything American Eagle. Leggings are ALWAYS a good call too. I would avoid mini skirts or shorts as no one wants to sit their bare butt on one of those airport or plane seats. If you want to go the dress route, say if you’re heading somewhere warm, choose a maxi dress as it will cover your legs, keep you cozy, and still be perfect for the warm weather awaiting you.

When picking your carry-on I always go the backpack route. My favorite is the ‘Go Lightly Rucksack’ by Lululemon.  Being able to displace the weight on your shoulders rather than on one arm is a essential, especially when you are also lugging around a suitcase and purse. SIDE NOTE: If you’re travelling somewhere tropical I always suggest packing a bathing suit in your carry-on bag on the off chance the airline misplaces your luggage. 

If you can, try to avoid heels as it will always be mandatory to remove them at security. This is because majority of heels are screwed into the shoe rather than glued and thus will set off the metal detector. If you choose a heel, choose one that is easy to slip on and off like the Steve Madden booties featured below. I love wearing my kicks to the airport since they’re comfortable and easy to slip on and off. 

BONUS TIP: Toss some hair elastics into your carry on or around your wrist in case you’re like me and get mad plane hair! Additionally, I have a small dollar store hair brush that I keep in my purse, I always find it handy when I get off the plane and want a little refresher before really kicking off my vacation! A couple other fun items I like to travel with are these little Carry On Cocktail Kits and if I’m flying somewhere far a sleep mask since. I’ve had the very unfortunate luck of sitting next to a couple individuals recently who enjoyed keeping their seat lights on for the the entire duration of the red-eye. The Carry On Cocktail Kit is also the perfect gift for those travel lovers in your life – I was gifted one and absolutely loved the idea of being able to make my own Moscow Mule on the plane by simply ordering a vodka shot and stirring everything together.

Hair elastics & brush can be bought from the dollar store, my sleep mask is from Chapters Indigo, and The Carry On Cocktail kit can be purchased at Urban Behavior. 

What are your go-to travel items and favorite airport looks? Let me know by shooting me an email on my contact page or connecting with me via social media!