Travel accounts you need to be following for inspiration when planning your next trip!

From luxurious resorts to backpack living, social media is the ideal place to find the best travel inspiration.

If you’re anything like me you have a consistent travel bug and bad case of wanderlust. From day tripping explorations to across the globe expeditions, exploring our beautiful world sets off a spark inside. I love every aspect of planning a trip – from booking transportation, to selecting accommodations, to researching and producing the trip’s bucket list, to packing a suitcase – the art of trip planning excites me. In fact, I make it a goal to always be in the process of planning my next trip – no matter how big or small – as this gives me something to constantly look forward to and to work towards.

For me, the best part aside from actually being on the trip is the research, research, research that goes along in deciding where to go and what to do!  There are so many factors that come to play when choosing location: what you’re looking to spend, the type of activities you wish to partake in, the duration of your stay, the climate  you desire, etcetera. A handy tip when picking your destination is to turn to social media for inspiration. Browsing through the beautiful feeds of travel accounts and seeing the different adventures of fellow travelers can bring to light destinations you may never have thought to explore before.

So if you’re a travel junkie looking to plan your next trip, you NEED to be following these accounts!

For the hard-hitting researching type, lean towards the more information based travel sites that usually accompany travel guides, channels, magazines, or websites:

National Geographic Travel


“The places we take you aren’t just on a map”

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Travel Channel



Travel Channel is the perfect spot for detailed information on all the top destinations. Their Instagram provides a behind-the-scenes look at the places featured on their website and great content from traveller’s personal portfolios. The website is curated into sections specified by destination, trip and interest preference, and type of traveller making it is easy to find exactly what you are looking for.

For the lover of all things entertainment orientated and story, check out the amazing travel bloggers and communities who offer more of a personal touch (note: these bloggers usually use a series method in which they post mainly about one given place at a time – usually the  destination they are currently in or just visited. This is the perfect storytelling method as you get a nice taste of all the adventures they experienced in one place in a cohesive thought/outline all in one spot):

Jack Morris & Lauren Bullen

@doyoutravel (Jack) and @gypsea_lust (Lauren)

Jack and Lauren are the ‘it’ travel couple. From roaming the dessert to exploring reefs to getting wild in the jungle, this duo is unstoppable and will inspire you like no other to get off your couch and see the beauty that is our world.

Beautiful Destinations


YouTube: BeautifulDestinations

The name of this account says it all… seriously, it is a feed of breathtakingly beautiful destinations. If staring at the most stunning places on earth doesn’t give you the travel fever, I don’t think we can be friends…. Oh yeah, and @jacobriglin (the Director of Content) has a fantastic feed too so for a more BTS look at some of the Beautiful Destination’s locations make sure to go give him a follow! 

Travel + Leisure



Looking for leisure in your travels, this account has you covered.

Luxury Travel Influencer


This account reposts some of the most luxurious travel spots in the world and provides the largest luxury travel community on Instagram boasting a network of 2.6 million. They also post some really good deals and travel specials so keep your eyes peeled on their page!

Kirsten Alana


This pro photographer travels the world snapping its beauty as she wanders. She shares its story with the rest of the world via her Instagram feed, which reads like a picture book with each photo as a new page and mini narrative.    

Sam Kolder


From documenting all the breathtaking views, daring adventures, luxurious waters, and lavish resorts via photographs and videos, Sam’s feed is the flawless mix of fun and fearless. If you’re looking for the perfect cocktail of lavish and exciting for your next trip turn to Kolder.  




YouTube: oneikatraveller

She’s smart, fun, witty, and one beautiful travel journalist. She’s been to 103 countries in counting and is always posting new and amazing content about all the places she’s been.

Johan Lolos


Loving the great outdoors? Look great with a backpack on? Johan’s feed of the #PeaksOfEurope and mountainous regions across the world is breathtakingly beautiful. From road tripping to hiking, Le Backpacker will give you a taste of the great outdoors and get you inspired to get outside.

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I love checking out new pages and travel feeds so if I missed your favorite,

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