SLUMBER PARTY: a Monday Girl event in support of ReThink Breast Cancer


Oh the weather outside was frightful

But our night was so delightful

While I’m with my Monday Girls

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

And it really did snow while the Monday Girl Slumber Party was in full throttle, but that did not stop the festivities. In fact, the holiday atmosphere was enhanced from the first real snowfall of the season. As we chilled cozily in thisopenspace’s Sleepover themed pop-up shop, which is adorned with cute beds that we decorated with furry blankets and pillows, sipped on our steamy hot chocolates, and snacked on pizza and baked goodies in our pajamas and slippers, we networked and had some marvelous girl chat with some of Toronto’s most inspiring ladies and entrepreneurs. Chatting with all the different Monday Girls is easy, hosting them is always a blast, and watching everyone interact and connect so effortlessly makes the hustle and bustle of planning these events worth every single second. The fact that this event was in support of ReThink Breast Cancer made the night even more magical. Being able to give back and contribute even a small bit to an amazing cause is always rewarding and fulfilling. In this holiday season of giving, seeing everyone’s generosity could warm the coldest of nights.


From the amazing gifts and giveaways from our sponsors, to the unbelieveable speakers and girl chat discussion group leaders, the conversation was flowing and the energy was gleaming and the night was certainly a night to remember.

Keynote speakers, Nicole Pollock and Jorie Brown, were beyond inspiring to listen to as they shared their stories about launching Cotton Candy Events. Their venture into the world of event staffing from their careers in professional dancing and cheerleading (yes… they were BOTH professional dancers & yes, they are incredible individuals) had everyone buzzing with excitement. Their advice resonates with so many of us and their pathway to their own business kept us hopeful and eager to make our own dreams become reality. They stressed that “networking and relationships are key,” a point that rings true in the social world of the 21st century and a focus of Monday Girl.

Nicole Aarssen from ReThink Breast Cancer and the hosts of the podcast Sorry In Advance, Karley Säägi and Olivia Stadler, moderated our two discussion groups. In these girl chats we gathered on cozy cushions with our hot chocolates, coffees, pizza, and goodies, discussing the importance of rethinking balance and managing our minds, careers, and everything else inbetween.

Monday Girl Slumber Party was the perfect way to start the holiday festivities and can’t wait to start planning Monday Girl’s first event of 2018! 

Huge thank you to our sponsors including thisopenspace for the use of their wicked Sleepover themed popup shop, Panago Pizza for providing the delicious food, Quantum Coffee for supplying baked goods and the perfect brew, Bumble Bizz for the yummy and cozy DIY hot chocolate bar, SootheApp for the relaxing massages, Serica for the little pampering packages, and all the other sponsors that made tonight an unbelieveable one.

Big shout out to each and every member of the Monday Girl executive board: co-founders Rachel and Istiana, public relations director Carolyn, sponsorships director Marlie, marketing director Nikita, and events director Jordana – they truly are superstars!!!

Stay tuned & stay caffeinated!