As the plane approaches the island, I glance out the window at what appears to be the most turquoise blue waters I’ve ever seen. Landing in a +30°C paradise from the cool Toronto weather was a welcomed shock to my system.


Although the current renovations at the Cayman Island airport caused delays, once I was free from those confines, paradise welcomed me with open arms. I stayed at the Colonial Club located directly on Seven Mile Beach, a beach known for its miles long white sand and crystal clear waters.  

I spent the week lounging about, walking up and down the sandy stretch, drinking boozy beverages at the Ritz with some friends, and exploring the small island, which is only about 22 miles long.

Stingray City was a bucket list experience for me. Captain Marvin’s Tours offers an amazing half day adventure where you spend the day sailing and snorkelling. The helpful and fun guides explain how to swim amongst the rays, touch, and feed them without harming the creatures. Kissing a stingray is said to bring 7 years of good luck, so say the Caymanians, so of course I had to pucker up and give Becky, as our tour guide called her, a big ole smooch. Yes – she was just as slimy as you’d imagine, insert song “I Kissed a Girl” by Katy Perry here.

After that bucket list experience, I headed back to the mainland and went to Calico Jacks Bar & Grill. This beach bar is everything you could ask for and more. The atmosphere is welcoming, laid back, and relaxing, the prices were fair (for the Cayman Islands), and the bar food is so deliciously indulgent. I could have easily spent my entire vacation playing volleyball on their courts, sipping up beers on their patio, and dipping my toes in the ocean right at the bar’s doorstep.

Georgetown, the main town and port on the island, is extremely busy when the cruise ships dock. The town is home to touristy shops, gelato and ice cream parlours, and high end clothing stores. Intermixed with bars and restaurants, the town has something for everyone, and so it is no surprise that this town is a popular site for Caribbean cruises.  

If you choose to spend time in the Grand Cayman, know that you are not signing up for a cheap vacation but the beauty and relaxation promised is well worth it. It is definitely an island everyone should experience at least once in their lifetime, whether staying on the island or just passing by on a ship! 



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