As though stepping off the plane and stepping back in time, Cuba is an island seemingly paused in the past.The diversity and intermingling of different styles and expressions, with the lack of modern American influence, are demonstrated in the city’s bones and is what makes the unique culture of Cuba so captivating. Roaming through the … More TRAVEL SERIES: Cuba


New York, Concrete Jungle where your feet hurt, the nerves that you can’t feel, now you’re in New York… that is what I was singing to the tune of Jay Z and Alicia Key’s ‘Empire State of Mind’ because I oh so foolishly forgot to bring walking shoes #regrets. Accordingly, my first piece of advice … More NEW YORK, NEW YORK

An Unbalanced Life

Life isn’t always rainbows and butterflies; a lot of it is the nitty gritty grind of work and personal life attempting to intermingle to create this ‘perfect balance’. Well guess what… it is IMPOSSIBLE to perfectly balance work and life all the time. … More An Unbalanced Life

What I keep in my purse, my carry on, my suitcase, and my safe on vaycay!

Hi friends! So next week I’m taking off to NYC with the famjam and it got me thinking about my packing practices. Of course, what I pack for New York is completely different from what I’d bring to an island paradise but there are certain key items I always bring along and the way I pack them generally … More What I keep in my purse, my carry on, my suitcase, and my safe on vaycay!